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Wednesday, April 08, 2020

April - December 2019


Fraternal Sheep Mittens

Crouching Hound, Hidden Jog

Persian Dreams

Stashbusting Afghan
35 1/2 inches x 48 inches


Aran Isle Slippers


Bunty Mitts


Mitten Garland Advent Calendar

by Kathy Lewinski (Tomte mini mitten)

Life of the Crystal warmers

Perfect Reversible Watch Cap

January - April 04, 2019

Shetland Peerie Mittens

Kurzeme, Nica, p 350


13 Memories

Smock Madness

xxxi. Lobodka

by Aino Praakli (Estonian Mittens)

Aran Island Mittens

Demogorgon's Lair


inky madness

Swirlagon Socks

Aka Woolhoney

Kool-Aid and food colouring dyed crocheted sock blank

Cardinal Gloves

October - December 2018

Till Death


Winter Surprise Mittens

Go Big or Go Gnome Mittens

Party Bones

July - September 2018

Odensjön Socks

Bicycle Race

Arctic Blizzard


Sidetracked Socks


Mini Mittens

Amigurumi Morning Star / Flail

by Ruth Jepson (modified)

To Dragons With Love

Family Vacation Hat

Wee Wildlife Sweaters

Sunday, June 24, 2018

June finished objects

4 1/2 inch Toddler mittens, modified Dala Selbu Hybrid  Mittens

more 4 1/2 inch mittens, modified Baa-ble Hat

another pair of toddler mittens, 5 inches, modified Fly Agaric Mushrooms, (to look like Lille Fluesopp/Little Mushroom Mittens, another of this designer's - Norwegian only.)

2nd toadstool mittens