Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Samplers and Shetland 'Shawl' progress

I enjoy trying out different techniques and stitches. So when Carla started the 'Sampler M KAL' I hesitated just a split second before I joined, .
YIKES, I'm now a member of more than 20 knitting groups! ... somewhat obsessive, considering that I started the year on one list.

Here are 2 sides of a sampler cushion I made using stitches from a Pinguoin publication.

... still trying out edgings for the sides of this shawl, definitely not the one with the NUPP-like bumps.

Wish you could have smelled the wonderfully scented mock orange bush and peonies last week.


Opal said...

The Sampler M sounds like a lot of fun. Do you know if it will be all in Dutch? Because that would really intimidate me!

Lilli C said...

Carla has made sure that all pertinent information is in English as well as Dutch.