Monday, May 19, 2014


The pattern, by Lipp Holmfeld, can be found in Vogue Knitting Winter 1990/91.  
It is included in an article by Mary Rowe and references her book, Knitted Tams, 1989.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Mittens, socks, and dishcloths

Hiroshige Mittens by Hanneke Siebens, sold on Ravelry.

Sock Madness 8, Round 4 bonus sock, Cathedrals by Gina Meyer, aka Nikiana on Ravelry.
NB: Sock Madness patterns not available yet, possibly around the end of June?

Sock Madness 8, Round 4 competition socks, Shakertown Fences by Lorain Pettit, aka rainbowknittr on Ravelry.

Sock Madness 8, Round 3 bonus socks, Amalia by Mylene Pijpers, aka RMyleneP on Ravelry

... and a garter stitch dishcloth.