Friday, January 25, 2008

Knitting the last YO in the row

Lavori 11/01
... what I learned ...
- how not to knit into a YO when it's the last stitch in the round, [blue arrows,] makes for a messy extra strand in the resulting eyelet

- instead of kniting into the YO space, knit into the space from the row below the YO [green arrows,] ie knit under 2 strands instead of one.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Monday, January 07, 2008

Hazard of online shopping

They don't look the same, yet when you open them ...
FYI: you can buy a new copy of 'LAVORI ARTISTICI a CALZA 11,' (Lavori 11,) - in Italian - which has most of the same patterns as a used copy of Neue Mode, 5207 - in German.
[edit:] Apr 8/08, The cover design on Lavori 11 is not in Neue Mode 5207.
Lavori 11 has more patterns - 66 patterns while Neue Mode - 5207 has 54. From what I can tell there are 5 lace insertion patterns in the German magazine that are not in Lavori 11. They even have the same photos, just different page layouts, reverse image, etc.
NB: The lace pattern that I made last March from Lena 09/06 is also in Lavori 11! Also, I think I've seen this pattern on the cover of Neue Mode - 5601.
- see oceanknitter's blog for more photos/info

Hope this helps even one of you laceknitters who's shopping online for patterns.

A custom knit cardigan made for DMIL finished Dec 2007, no pattern.