Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Christmas Stocking done
- 2mm and 2.5mm needles, cast on 96 sts.
- finished size: back length ~12", diagonal from top of back to tip of toe ~18"
- Made from sock yarns;
red (x2) - 4218, Sandnes, Smart Superwash*
black - 1331, Scheepjes, Invicta Extra (leftovers)
green - 8514, Sisu, Maskinvaskbar*
multi - 2405, Schoeller Stahl, Socka Color* (Fortissima Colouri)
(NB: should have used double strands of the thinner green and multi-coloured yarns)

Update on FFBag

- tried felting in washing machine, cold water - didn't felt much
- tried hand felting/agitating in basin with hot soapy water, 3 rinses (alternating cold, hot, cold) - still didn't felt much
- tried washing machine again, hot wash/cold rinse cycle - OVERFELTED! 13"x7"
- now, will try to soak overnight in vinegar/cool water to restretch a bit. -see Oct 31, 06. (btw, I didn't do this after all.)

(link/info added to Oct 24 posting)

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Knitting Rose said...

I haven't had too much problem with felting - but it more the agitation than the water temp that does it. I hope you get your bag to the size that you want! Good luck!