Monday, August 28, 2006

'Felted Floral Bag'

Progress so far-
DSIL requested Nicky Epstein's pattern.
- yarn: mainly Cascade 220, some Quebecois
- 3.75 mm needles
- narrower side panels with the upper part tapering slightly
-may add some sort of button type closure/loop.

Couldn't get just the right wool colours ... time for microwaving with Kool-Aid and vinegar, (I use a capful - just in case.)
This is what I got by adding just a titch of orange and 2 Tbsp of orange + 1 Tbsp strawberry to warm up the original colour, far right.

... the messy private side.
Instead of intarsia for the colourwork I used a fair-isle technique, in the round. Also, worked the design pattern on just the one side. Good thing this will be felted cuz my tension's wonky, (partly because the 2 types of yarn are different weights.)

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Hazel Carter SLS - rectangular version

- blocked with tig welding rods
- finished size:
45 cm x 180 cm
18" x 71"

- shawl washed and rinsed gently in tepid water

- microwaved a wee bit of potato starch in a cup of water

- squeezed excess water out of shawl

- soaked it in cooled potato starch solution, diluted to 1 liter.