Sunday, March 11, 2007

Chinook winds ...

... bring warm temps - a balmy 12C today and 15-17C tomorrow - and develop their signature arching clouds.
- facing SW. Rocky Mtns in the far distance. The white patch of snow in the nearer distance is Canada Olympic Park (COP) where several events were held during the 1988 Olympics; bobsled, luge, and ski jump, (remember 'Eddie the Eagle' from Great Britain, I believe?) Warm temps from Chinooks that February created problems for outdoors events.

- and facing SE, the other side of the chinook arch.
Niebling update: on Rnd 182, I probably will not have enough thread to complete all 221 Rnds plus a crocheted edging. According to rough calculations I am 65% done with 40 Rounds to go.

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