Saturday, March 24, 2007

SRH and Niebling update

... more on Short Row Heels for a high instep - inc heel sts for the SRH.
This photo highlights areas that were added to a toe-up sock, could also be added cuff down;
- yellow-grn: *3 increases to each side of last few alternate rows on the foot before starting the SRH.
If doing cuff down one would need to decide whether or not to include inc sts to charted design, ie plan ahead to either knit these inc rows plain or continue with chart and knit incs in pattern, too, otherwise, there will be a small triangular bit of stockinette, (the blue-grn triangle in photo.)
- bright green: extra rows as a result of more heel sts, eg *36 sts instead of 30 sts dec to 14 live sts
- blue-green: *3 decreases to each side of the first few alternate rows on the leg after SRH's done, (I used plain knit sts all across the back of the heel here, also could have started the leaf pattern as soon as the SRH was done.)
---*change these numbers for a custom fit.
Niebling update:
Last week I wasn't sure I had enough thread to finish this project without having to cut back on the rows. Whew, I'm relieved to have more than enough.
I'm now to the point of crocheting off the edge, at least trying to.

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Pearl said...

Whew! is right. Can't wait to see it finished.