Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Unconventional -

- 1 sock on 2 circs.
My calf and instep measurements are about 3" larger than the foot and ankle ones, so I'm trying something different on the second sock.
Instead of using one 2.5 mm circ for the length of the sock I'm switching back and forth between 2 circs;
- 2.75 mm circ for the tight garter stitch cuff and heel/instep
- and smaller circ, 2.5 mm, for the leg and foot.
If I like the fit of this sock with these changes, then I'll frog and redo the first one, (just hope I won't suffer from second-first-sock syndrome!!!?)


Marlies said...

Hallo leider kannich kein englisch. Was strickst du denn da??? Liebe Ostergrüsse Marlies

Lilli C said...

Hallo Marlies,
Ich spreche nicht Deutsches, verwende ich eine on-line-Übersetzung und hoffe, daß diese Ihre Frage beantwortet.Ich bilde den Opal Sideways Socke, die mit dem Hundertwasser Socke Garn kam.