Thursday, July 19, 2007

...first row counters and the garden ...

I've seen many row counters on the internet that I really like so I decided to make my own.
Today, I went to the local bead store and found some cool stuff including this glass knight chesspiece and made an adjustable row counter. This one can keep track of a 6-row pattern repeat. It's a series of 3, figure-8 tiger tail shapes with beads and a crimp in the middle. The uppermost figure-8 joins the one below it with a barrell clasp and the second & third figure-8's are linked permanently to each other. By unscrewing the clasp I can remove the upper section and shorten the counter to a 4-row counter.
The tiger tail is light and very flexible, time will tell if the crimps will hold or not.

Next, I think I'll try some sort of abacus-type row counter that'll keep track of 100+ rows.

Here the needle is in the 3rd loop, the would-be row 3 of 6.
(The bamboo knitting needle is a 4.25mm single point needle.)

The garden looks half decent now, but won't for long as
1. I'm the only one who looks after it and
2. I just injured my back*, sacroilia (SI) joint earlier today, lifting a flat of bottled water, 'OU...CH.' (* hip/pelvis joint)


Pearl said...

That's a clever row counter and the stitch markers are beautiful.

Lilli C said...

Thanks, Pearl.
However, row counters having jump rings with beads in-between work better.