Friday, November 09, 2007

"Orchidee" OTN

- started this H. Niebling, [edit: Niebling-like,] pattern earlier this week
-from Burda E418 (out of print,) pattern 24, 'Viereckdecke, (square doily,) "Orchidee" '
-Lily Daisy sz 20 white cotton thread
-Knitpicks 32" 2.5mm Classic circular
-my own stitch markers
This center is very similar to, if not the same as his Lyra pattern, (also oop and one that I would love to make but the pattern costs too much - up to US$71 on eBay.)
In the magazine's photo I noticed binding along the diagonals leading to the corners - trying to 'fit a round peg in a square hole?' (will try to alter the pattern and/or switch to larger circulars.)

After 2 lace projects since Mother's Day 2004, my Addi lace circular now has a dull spot. I don't know if Brasso will shine it up or not.

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