Monday, April 07, 2008

- sources of lace knitting patterns, some have Herbert Niebling designs - some credited some not, [*still available;]
Neue Mode 5207
Burda Special Strickspitze E418
*Lavori Artistici a Calza 11
Diana Strickdeckchen D736
*Kunststricken, Große und Kleine Decken
*Knitting Lace Designs of the Modern Mode, Book 1
Burda Special Gestricke Spitzen E903
Burda Special Kunststricken E198

OTN, another go at a diy 'Lyra,' combined charts from Federdolde and Orchidee/Alpenrose.
- 3 mm circs
- ColourMart 55/35/10 merino/viscose/cashmere
- added length to some diagonal lines, not as many as previous FO's which lay flat, but ended up with largish holes.

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