Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Irish Lace/Tea Time Doily by Dot Drake

- size 20 thread, 1.0 mm steel hook.
I am learning how to make a variation of a clones knot;
- hold thread, between hook and left hand, with left thumb and index finger
- make 1st wrap to the right of thumb
- make 2nd wrap to the left of thumb
- pull 2nd wrap through 1st one, release thread from left thumb/index finger, then snug up the loop just made on hook; rpt for number of required loops.
- must remember to make the second-to-last loop looser otherwise the hook will not go cleanly through all the loops on hook; takes a lot of practice.
How anyone does this with size 70 or 100 thread is amazing!

eta: YouTube link

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