Thursday, January 22, 2009

Clones Knot

eta: better method at this YouTube link.

Today, I learned another way to make a Clones Knot
(... like the two bottom ones in the photo)
eta: I like Eithne D'arcy's version better

- make the ch

- temporarily 'park/anchor' the tip of the crochet hook into the work to facilitate wrapping

- start wrapping the hook to the ch,
NB: loosely, not snug

- keep sliding wraps up against loop on hook

- 'unpark' tip of crochet hook and pick up a loop through center of ring
- yarn over hook, hold wraps and loops on hook with left thumb and index finger and pull yarn through all loops on hook

Some Irish Crochet and other motifs

Fig. 19
Fig. 14/15 without picot loops
Fig. 18
Fig. 17

- Priscilla Irish Crochet Book No. 1, 1912, The Priscilla Publishing Company, Boston Ma.

- Crochet World Magazine December 2008

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