Saturday, September 18, 2010

Irish Crochet Mat finished

from the leaflet, (Ravelry sign in required,) Crochet Leaflet
CCL 010, 1992 Coats Patons Crafts, Scotland, (British terms.)

aka Rose Rhapsody, in Coats Craft #016.

1. a fabric-center version can be found in the Russian magazine,
Duplet Irish Crochet Special 3, (try etsy or eBay;)
2. the floral motif in this cushion cover looks likes the same as the one shown here.
3. MyPicot, also, has very lovely floral motifs.


November Rain said...

Hi this is beautiful. Could you email me steps on how you did this I would like to use it as a basis to make a viel for my daughters wedding

lil said...

Duplet 'Irish Crochet Special #3' has the cloth center version in it.

This eBay item (UK) uses the same motif.