Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Totoro Fingerless Gloves finished

3 patterns;
Larus + Ardea, by spinnity and
Norwegian Totoro Mittens , by brella and
Intarsia Totoro Chart, also by brella, (Ravelry membership required for the Totoro's.)


Stephanie R. said...

I love these! Do you have a shop where you sell your gloves?

serenacacciato said...

yeah i want some too please sell me some :)

lil said...

Sorry, I make these for fun/family.
Join 'Ravelry,' the chart is free, thanks to 'brella,' lots of helpful knitters there, too.

Sarah Rody said...

When you made these, for the twined knitting with two colors, did you use two strands of gray and two strands of white at the same time, carrying all of the strands as you went along?

lil said...

Hello Sarah,

I twined with one strand of each colour, a full twist of the yarns when the next stitch is the same colour, half twist when the next stitch is the other colour.

hth :)