Friday, April 01, 2011

'Ruins'- test knit finished


'Ruins' by Pixelated Mushroom - a test knit.

re: Coats Craft Folio #016, (2 doilies,)
Rose Rhapsody on Ravelry.

1. a fabric-center version can be found in the Russian magazine,
Duplet Irish Crochet Special 3, (try etsy or eBay;)
2. the floral motif in this cushion cover looks likes the same as the one shown here.
3. MyPicot, also, has very lovely floral motifs.
hth :)


November Rain said...

I have been trying to contact you.. I have searched for the
Crochet Leaflet CC010 Irish Rose
I very much would like to get this pattern if you know where I might find it

November Rain said...

my email is : btw