Saturday, January 07, 2012

Totoro convertible mittens, 1st of 2012

- custom made


queer. said...

Hi there!

I was wondering if you take request orders! I would love to buy a pair of these totoro mittens from you for this winter. They are amazing! Would you be so kind as to contact me at

Thank you <3 It can't hurt to ask, right? :)

Eline Janssen said...

Hi there:) These are amazing! I was wondering if you have this as a pattern?
please contact me at

Best Wishes!

Adele Larson said...

Do you take commissions? I love these mittens and would like to purchase two pairs. Please contact me at

lil said...

Thank you, all, for looking and for your interest, however, I do not have a pattern for these other than 'brella's' and do not knit on commission.

Daicy Cooper said...

Hi, Brella only has the pattern for mittens not convertible, do you have the pattern for this particular convertible mittens?

P.S They are beautiful!