Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Estonian Inspired Mitts - instructions

Instructions for mitts

The chart, (on Ravelry,) is for a right mitt and starts at the bottom right corner. For the left mitt, start at the bottom left corner and follow the chart going in the opposite direction.

- purl,
 V increase one stitch,
 / knit 2 together, (dec 1 st.)

The thumb gusset starts at Row 25, stitch 37. On Row 61 gusset stitches are separated onto scrap yarn or a stitch holder;

On the next row, 6 stitches are cast on to bridge the gap where the thumb stitches were. If a tighter fit at the top ribbing is desired, then either decrease more stitches on Row 77 or switch to a smaller needle for the ribbing;

Finally, the thumb gusset stitches are placed back on the needle and knit with 6 stitches picked up from the hand ‘gap’ to finish off the thumb. If you try on and find that 33 stitches is too loose, then decrease some/all of the 6 picked up stitches, no more than 2 stitches per row, starting at row 64: ssk, k2, k2tog.
Also, if a snug fit for the ribbing at the top is desired, then decrease more stitches evenly along Row 66 and/or use smaller needles.

Weave in ends as you go or with a tapestry needle.


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