Tuesday, November 24, 2015

2015 Projects April to November

Apr 15 Kuntur Wasi Vest by Sonja Launspach.

Apr 21 Mad About The Gals, SM9-4, by Adrienne Fong
Apr 26 xxiv. Petseri Estonian Mitten by Aino PraakliEesti labakindad ilma laande laiali.
- from the Eesti Rahva Muuseum.

May 03 Kilt Hose
May 08 Bluebells Mittens by Natalia Moreva.

May 19 Tradescandia Zebrina by Natalia Vasilieva.
May 24 Tree-of-Life/Bold Flower Mittens by Susan Kolstad, Piecework magazine July/Aug 2009.

May 30 Harlequino by Margreet Vonkeman
June 03 Virrat by Tiina Kuu.
June 13 Far Into the Forest by Kirsten Hall.
June 22 Touring Bubbles by Karen Buhr.
July 03 beaded lace socks

Jul 17 Wildflower Mitts and Shooting Star Mitts by Sonja Launspach.

July 12 Ophidia by Hypercycloid.
July 23 Nordic Stripes by Tobi Beck.

July 24 Bovary by General Hogbuffer.
Aug 04 Buttercup's Heroes by Becky Greene

Aug 09 Snow Under Cedars by Leslie Comstock, Think Outside the Sox

Sept 09 Maximitten using design by Lizbeth Upitis, Latvian MittensGraph 119. 

Sept 18 Winter Blossoms by Sonja Launspach

Oct 19
Hue Shift Afghan by Kieran Dimeler-Lawrence

Oct 23 Electric Mayhem by Deborah Tomasello.

Oct 31
Latvian Mittens

Nov 02 - ... Latvian Mittens by Maruta Grasmane, Kurzeme, Rucava p 378, Latvieša Cimdi.

Nov 09 playing with yarn/swatches ...

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