Saturday, December 30, 2006

Cybersocks Done

- a fun Nov/Dec KAL, .
I cast on 72 sts on two-2.5mm circ's and they're too loose, (about a ladies size 7 1/2 and I'm a small 6.) I'm getting better at stranding though - the knitting doesn't pucker and the sock doesn't bind.
I played around with the pattern on the sole to conserve on the coloured yarn. It turned out that I had plenty so now I have lots left over - oh well, more stash for mini or multi-coloured socks.

Also finished, but no pic, is a cotton sweater I made for DMIL for Christmas.

This bag's complete now that the button's sewn on. I gave it to DSL and I think she really likes it, (hm...mmm will see if she uses it.)

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Knitting Rose said...

That is a great bag. I really like it a lot. the socks look nice - too bad they are a little big. I am still figuring out sizing issues myself.