Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Stalled on WIP

1. Doily - my first knit doily ever - from Patterns For the Art of Lace Knitting Rachel Schnelling/Gloria Pennning
I can't figure out how to finish this edge . The doily is knitted but the edging is crocheted on - will just have to keep trying.
- Lily Daisy - size 20 mercerized crochet cotton from DS
- 2mm Inox circular needle, (ouch - those tips are sharp,)
- size 11 crochet hook
- magic loop (ML) - next time I'll have to try using toothpicks for the center as some loops stretched out of shape using ML. Also, sliding stitches over the bump on the circs is painfully slow.

2. More socks - stopped working on these because they're too busy-looking and too orange-y so I'm thinking of starting over with something else from the stash.

- Fotissima Colori #2405
- 2mm Inox circulars
- magic loop, co 72 sts

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